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Who we are Our belief

�� At least one person in each family and everyone involved in such large scale events like Commonwealth Games must have the knowledge of life saving techniques before the actual medical help arrives. Their simple actions can save lives. ��


To become the industry leader in providing hands-on and site-specific training - based on location assessments and to empower communities, individuals and corporates to work towards their own Safety Management and Disaster Preparedness by -

Working with government agencies (homeland security, civil defense and relief agencies) to integrate Spontaneous Unaffiliated Community Volunteers (SUCVs) into their disaster response plans.
Preparing SUCVs to safely and effectively contribute to local emergency response.
Training SUCVs to support long-term recovery and resiliency in communities affected by disaster.
Collaborating with community based organizations to prepare them for any eventuality.
Providing educational and resilience building services to communities.
Serving the needs of the most vulnerable, in particularly women and children.
Helping rehabilitate victims of natural disasters and civil conflict with a specific focus on neglected groups.

To eradicate misconceptions & taboos pertaining to first-contact emergency solutions.
To impart expert-driven, area-specific knowledge to tackle emergency situations.
To sensitise the masses on safety measures and injury prevention.
To conduct contact programmes.
To impress upon one and all the importance of emergency preparedness.
To generate awareness about the standard first response manoeuvres to be employed during an emergency.
To provide expert quality training with safe and state-of-the-art techniques and educational modules.
To offer training modules that are tailor-made to suit your requirements.

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