Training and capacity building

The first 10 minutes, in an emergency situation, make all the difference between life and death. When every second is vital, trained emergency responders become crucial links in life-support chains. Philanthrope aims at making every person aware of essential basics of tackling emergency situations and to work towards their own Safety Preparedness and Disaster Risk reduction by conducting training workshops and helping in making Disaster Management plans and conducting mock exercises and mock drills.

This is the vacuum Philanthrope fills by transforming the Indian citizen into a competent and confident Emergency Responder. Keeping this in view the organization does various training programmes for the corporate, governments, school, community etc.


Emergency aid measures in road accidents/stampede
How to respond during earthquake/flood/domestic fires/terrorist attack
How to help victims by CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)
Medical rescue measures in choking/bleeding/electrocution/animal bites/poisoning/fits/lightening


In addition to above topics, we focus on industry specific safety measures, disaster risk and mitigation measures in the case of an accident, fire and natural or manmade disasters.

Partnering with school children for disaster reduction

The organization has taken the initiative to make the school children and the school disaster free by imparting knowledge to the school children and the teachers. School children can become the agent of change in the whole disaster knowledge.

Community Preparedness Exercise

In order to build disaster-resilient communities, Philanthrope empowers community so that community members can cope with the adverse effects of natural hazards. This has emerged as the most effective approach to achieving sustainability in dealing with natural disaster risks. Community disaster risk assessment establishes disaster prevention as an essential component of sustainable development.

Knowledge Building

The organization carries out research on specific topics in disaster management from time to time for enhancement of knowledge on the domain subject. These researches are further disseminated with the likeminded organization, individuals and experts for better sharing of knowledge and future action.

Urban Risk Reduction

There is a positive link between disaster and urban poverty. Philanthrope work in the urban development field demonstrates how disaster risk management and adaptation could be better integrated into solving the urban problems in larger cities by especially focusing on slums.

Specific project with collaborative interest

Philanthrope also ties with like minded organization, institutions with the similar interest in the area of disaster risk reduction for the upliftment of the community at large.

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