Rescue Training

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Rescue Training agencies provide complete rescue training and exercises to their agents


There are dedicated agencies that provide Rescue Training to individuals. These agencies oversee workplace safety requirements and ensure that the people in charge of the rescue team should be qualified for space rescue operations. They provide complete rescue training and exercises annually to their employees and recommend more frequent training in cases where they are unable to do so. There are numerous agencies in a country that have facilities for technical rescue training and often have a confined space training area.


These rescue training agencies cover the search for and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger. There are various types of rescue training given to the agents by these agencies. The types are; mountain rescue, ground search and rescue, urban search and rescue, combat search and rescue and air-sea rescue. The agents are trained to rescue people from distress on land or inland waterways, collapsed buildings or industrial entrapments, within or near combat zones, downed aircrafts at sea or sea vessels in distress, and others.


These rescue training agencies develop their own proprietary training curricula and operational protocols and they are available and applicable only to their own members who are proficiently trained on them. It is done with or without formal underlying foundations. These agencies also train all manner of emergency personnel and offer training and helps in the training of police officers and police dogs. For common people, the knowledge of rescue training can help them to understand how to react to certain dangerous situations handle them.


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