Dr.angeli qwatra

There needs to be a shift in our priorities. We need to develop an attitude of 'Safety First' above anything else & treat Safety Training as the crucial life skill it truly is"

Dr. Angeli Qwatra, Director 'Philanthrope'

about dr. qwatra

Dr Angeli Qwatra - Director General, C-DRAS and Founder Chairperson, Philanthrope, is a renowned disaster management expert, who is well versed in international standards of emergency preparedness and management. She is a Medical Anthropologist an M.Phil. & PhD holder from the University of Delhi. She has been trained in the field from Emergency Planning College, UK and Safety First Institute, UK and in order gain in depth and practical experience in rescue management; she has worked with the Royal British Army. As a leading member of the ‘UK-India Bilateral Expert Network on Radiological Safety and Security’ under Royal United Services Institute, UK, she has been instrumental in generating awareness on Radiological Safety measures among the Industries and masses.

It was during her time in the UK, that Dr. Qwatra noticed a stark difference in the Disaster Management systems, practices and overall general awareness about it’s importance among the citizens, as compared to Safety Standards & awareness back home in India. What moved her to action was that the numbers of lives lost due to ‘Natural & Man-Made Disasters’ in the her the country are staggering, yet there were not enough measures taken on a grassroot level information regarding disaster management to Indian citizens. Thus, she founded ‘Philanthrope’, a Non-governmental. Non - Profit organization, that works each day, towards the realization of Dr. Qwatra’s mission - ‘To train ONE person in every Indian household as an efficient emergency responder’, in order to make our communities safer and nation, stronger.

Dr. Qwatra has also been a member of the Task Force of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). She has been a member of the Medical and Health Services Committee for Commonwealth Games. Her ongoing efforts in rescue management are commendable, but there’s also an egalitarian cause that she associates herself with. Dr. Angeli Qwatra is a contributing member of the UN-Gender solution exchange program. All in all, a truly multifaceted personality, she has dedicated her life to various causes, environmental safety, emergency preparedness and disaster management being her prime focus.