Our Training

Studies have shown that when at least 30% of the population is trained in disaster preparedness, the chances of survival of victim increase considerably. Research indicates that organizations where employees were trained on injury prevention and emergency management, there was significant improvement in the levels of employee motivation and confidence in their organization leader. With the aim of saving lives, ’Philanthrope’ conducts workshops for training on Safety Preparedness and Emergency Management.

The training module of the workshop includes lecture cum demonstration with audio-visual presentation making it easy to retain and providing hands-on practical training, conducted by trained and well-qualified Doctors. The subjects covered in the three-hour workshop are:

  • Daily life safety management and emergency preparedness.

  • Risk Reduction and injury prevention for man-made and natural disasters.

  • Measures for immediate, & effective handling of medical emergency victims [life saving techniques of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & Artificial Respiration (AR)

  • Earthquakes, Floods, Cyclones, lightening strikes and other natural disasters.

  • Terrorist Attacks.

  • Riots.

  • Stampedes.

  • Road and Rail Traffic Accidents.

  • Other accidents like drowning, electrocution, fall, choking, fire as well as daily life emergencies arising out of heart problems, asthma, hypoglycemia, brain stroke, seizures, anaphylactic shocks, etc.